Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag Review

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Everlast 70 lb. MMA Heavy Bag Kit Review
Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit Review


The 70 pound Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Kit is a great setup to buy if you’re just getting into the world of heavy bags. While not recommended for stronger, heavier and more experienced punchers, this bag will still do the trick to get you started.



PROS: Kit comes with heavy bag, bag gloves, handwraps and tether. Cheap starter kit. Durable Everlast bag with support.


CONS: Light, short, sandbag filling. Not intended for heavy punching or bigger fighters.
Rating: We’ve given the 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit a 4.5 star rating. The kit comes with almost everything you need to get started but the weight and height limit the bag’s usefulness to smaller punchers and beginners. We also don’t like the sand filling.

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Features & Benefits

If you’ve heard of all the benefits you can get from punching a heavy bag then you probably found this review while searching for the right bag for you.

This starter kit is a great way to get everything (almost) that you need to get started throwing punches and on your way to a leaner, meaner body. The Everlast Heavy Bag Kit comes with the 70 lb. heavy bag, mma-style bag gloves, a pair of handwraps and a bungee tether you can attach to the base of the bag.

Durable yet inexpensive

The shell of this bag is a durable polycanvas that has the look and feel of synthetic leather. Basically, “polycanvas” is a fancy way of saying vinyl. But don’t let that scare you away, Everlast has chosen a vinyl, er, polycanvas, that is durable and can take punches and kicks with the best heavy bags out there at a great price.

This heavy bag ships pre-filled which means you don’t have to search for filling before you can start working out. It’s filled with a blend of fiber filling and sandbags. There are about 40 lbs worth of sandbags scattered throughout the heavy bag which adds weight and resistance when punching.

Keep in mind that shipping could be high if you live overseas or in a remote area.

The bag is about 36″ in height and has mesh straps that are double stitched to the top of the bag for hanging.Overall height is about 41 inches hanging. You’ll want to secure the bag to a beam or a heavy bag stand that can hold the weight and the force of your punches. It’s a hanging heavy bag after all!

Great beginner kit

One of the biggest benefits of this kit is that it ships with the basics that you’ll need to get started. The bag gloves, while not the most recommended form of training gloves currently, are good enough to get you started. The goal of the gloves is to protect your hands while you punch, from abrasions and from breaking fingers and knuckles. They work for this.

Also included in this Everlast Kit is a pair of hand wraps. Handwraps are used to isolate the fingers and protect the hands while throwing strikes. It’s impressive that these are included in this kit. Most people opt to not use the wraps but we recommend them even in training – especially with sand-filled bags. One misplaced hit on a solid sandbag and you could break bones.

Finally this bag also comes with a bungee tether that you can attach to the base of the bag to keep it from swinging uncontrollably while working out. Obviously you can attach it to a weight or some other fixed item but we recommend the proper heavy bag anchor.

The only thing that’s missing from this kit is a heavy bag hanger or stand to hang it from and it’s ready to go!

These are the benefits found in our Everlast 70-pound MMA heavy bag review, but how do you know if it’s right for you?

Testing the 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

If you want to get the full benefits of a heavy bag workout, you need to make sure you get the best bag for your money. More importantly you have to find the bag that will work BEST for you and how you will use it. Ultimately you have to consider a few things when shopping for a heavy bag (get more detail in our Heavy Bag Buying Guide).

The first thing you should consider is the size of the bag which is based off your weight and experience level. A good hack for this is to get a bag that is about 1/2 your weight. That makes this bag too small for most people under the 150 lb mark – but you can fudge that just a bit with this bag since it’s designed to be punished.

When we’re testing a heavy bag we focus on the shell material because it’s what you’ll be pounding on for the next few years. You want something that will hold up to the abuse and not burst open – not to mention you need the cover to be sewn together VERY well. So we look at the shell material and the fill material.

The filler is what will take all of those strikes so you want something that is durable, has a realistic feel, is uniform the entire length of the bag but is forgiving enough that you don’t injure yourself while working out. Cover and fill will contribute to the next thing we look for in a heavy bag test – durability. How long will the bag last and will it work today and in three years? We usually like to have a few different professional fighters test our bags for a few weeks to give us feedback.

Some manufacturers back their bags with a warranties. This is the final thing we consider when testing/buying a hanging heavy bag, the support and warranty.

Our Findings & Rating

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit
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PROS: Kit comes with heavy bag, bag gloves, handwraps and tether. Cheap starter kit. Durable Everlast bag with support.
CONS: Light, short, sandbag filling.

At 70 pounds, this bag is too small to be a serious bag for any of our test fighters so they had to modify their approach when testing. Basically they looked at the bag as a “beginner bag” and treated it as such – mainly focusing on getting started and getting a good cardio workout. But don’t let that sway your opinion of this heavy bag kit. They were all impressed with what you get for the money.

At the time of this review you could get into this setup for less than $75 from either Amazon or Walmart. The nice thing about either of these stores is that they both have FREE SHIPPING (and Walmart even has free “ship to store” where you potentially pickup same day if they have it in your area!). That’s really an amazing price for this kit.

This bag comes pre-filled at 70 lbs. but they say you can add a little more weight to it if you need but we wouldn’t recommend more than 20-30 lbs. At about 100 lbs we started to see some significant stress on the threads that hold the straps. Add to that some serious punches and this bag wouldn’t last in our opinion.

The shell is Everlast’s polycanvas and while it is durable it didn’t take long to work it in. It gives a consistent feel to each punch and gave the impression that it would be durable. Again, we kept repeating “beginner bag” while testing to remind ourselves that most people who get this bag with probably workout once or twice a week for a few months before either giving up or upgrading to a bigger/longer bag. But smaller punchers would certainly get their money’s worth!

The weakest part of this setup in our opinion is the filling. We’re not really a fan of sandbags around here. They do add good weight in a small bag but as they shift around you get hard spots while you punch. If you’re not ready for it then you are in for a painful surprise if you land a heavy punch on a hard spot. And we won’t even talk about landing a strong shin kick to a bag of sand!

The best advice we have to help mitigate this is to fully unpack the bag when you get it and re-pack the sandbags into the center of the bag and surround them with the fabric filler or shredded clothes. This will give you a more consistent punching experience and still give you the weight you want.

While this might be a pain in the neck to do before your first punch, we promise it will save you pain in your hands in the coming months.

Since this review is for the whole kit and not just the bag, we can’t finish without giving our thoughts on the included accessories. The gloves that come in this heavy bag kit are decent and will do the job for a beginner. They are known as traditional heavy bag gloves, or bag gloves. Over the last few years most coaches and experts have started going away from specific bag gloves and opt for training gloves instead. This is because it gives you more protection and a more realistic feel when punching.

Training gloves are just like competition gloves but they’re usually a little heavier and offer better durability. We suggest getting a pair of heavy bag training gloves since you’ll have a better experience with them.

Finally we were impressed to see that Everlast took enough consideration for your protection to consider including handwraps with this kit. The pair are long enough for average sized hands but might be too small to get a good wrap on larger hands. But we still recommend using them even if you have to utilize a modified wrap as you’re hands will benefit from the protection and added support. It’s a nice inclusion.

You can also buy just the heavy bag without the accessories for a few dollars less here.

Who should get this?

Who should get the 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit? Beginners will benefit from getting this heavy bag starter kit. Average punchers or those who want to give heavy bag training a shot will like that you can buy this kit and get started without much effort. This is a durable bag that doesn’t cost a lot.

Who should avoid it?

Stronger, heavier and more experienced punchers should not get this bag. If you have the space and can add some weight then you can get by with this setup for a while but you will quickly find that you want a heavier bag with more length.

Have you tested it out? Add your rating and comments below!

This is an individual product review for the 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit, if you want to read about the best Hanging Bags, then you need to check out our Best Heavy Bags Review.

About Everlast:

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